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Below is a table with the most common querstions I hear almost every single day as I do tech services for those in my Sims groups on facebook. Each one has a link when you click on it, which will in turn bring you to a tutorial page so you too can learn how to do the stuff I know how to do. This will always be here so bookmark the page ! NOTE: I do help with some computer issues. Yes the remote access to frix issues is free. HOWEVER, I am not a miracle worker. I can not fix systems that are not cut out to handle the load. If you have a computer that barely squeeks by the recommended settings, please EXPCET issues. I can only do so much.

How to...

Download Origin

Download Sims

Download & use Whicked Whims

Download & use Tray Importer

Download & use Slice of Life

Find & install custom content

Fix broken custom content

Make Custom Content

Link here

link here

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