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Random Roll Sims challange.
(By Jaidemoon)Jan 12th 2022

The link is required Dice roller for the dice roller on line. Or, you can use actual dice that meet the rolling requirements.

If you use regular dice some restrictions will be made, like certain lists of game settings will be divided into so many sections and you will roll one die to get the section and a 2nd to get the outcome.

To do this challenge you will need to start a new game/character. Die/dice (or on line roller) will be used to determine all of the outcomes for your character, where they live, their personality.

If they have pets and which kind. You will need to have (nearly) ALL packs in order to participate in this challenge. (or adjust to fit the situation if you don't) Custom content IS allowed as are mods, and certain cheats to meet the game play.

Use a D6 (regular dice or online roller), see if your character will be male or female. Even numbers is female, Odd numbers male.
You then use a D4 (it is a triangle/cone die) on the online roller and see if the character will be a (1) teen, (2) young adult, (3) adult or (4) elder.
Whatever the die gives you is what you do.

Aspirations: use a D20 die but do not use anything less than 14/15 if you get those numbers (15/16-19) re roll.
If you roll a D20 on the nose you get to choose your own. You CAN use custom aspirations if you have them just number them accordingly. (and use the right dice/or online option)

1 = Animal
2 = Athletic
3 = Creativity
4 = Deviance
**5 = Drugs
5/6 = Family
6/7 = Food
7/8 = Fortune
8/9 = Knowledge
9/10 = Location
10/11 = Love
11/12 = Nature
12/13 = Popularity
13/14 = Star wars
14/15 = Wellness
**(if you have the Basemental mod you CAN include Drugs) If not just renumber the list in order omitting Basemental.
Once you get your aspiration you need to pick something from that aspiration to follow you can go on dice rolls
(odd even if there is only 2 choices) or use others to match the amount (EX: Creativity has 6 choices so you can use a D6 to make your choice)
for the most part I used D4-D10 in this area if I want to keep it 100% dice roll chance.
OR you can just chose as you wish. This part is up to you.
Traits are as follows. *This does not include ANY of the mod options, but you can add your own if you want. Adjust accordingly!!
And, to pick your Sims two traits you will use a D4 to determine which lot you are in. Roll your D4 and if you get 1, 2 or 3 you chose that lot number.
If you get 4 you can pick whatever one you want.

Then in the lot you go from your D4 roll, roll a D20 to see which trait it picked. If you get a D20 as a roll then you pick your own.
Do this again for the 2nd trait. IF you happen to get the same thing the 2nd time (and yes it does happen) just reroll.
And again if you get D20 you can pick your own trait.

Lot 1

7.high maintenance
12.art lover
17.music lover

Lot 2

2.animal enthusiast
3.cat lover
4.child of the islands
5.child of the ocean
8.dancing machine
9.dog lover
13.green fiend
15.lactose intolerant
17.loves outdoors

Lot 3

1. recycle disciple
8.family oriented
10.hates children

Once this is done, you can roll a D6 (odd/evens) Even=Yes Odd=No
For does your Sim have a pet? (If yes then what kind (Odd=Cat Even=dog))
Does your sim have a partner? (If yes then male or female? Odd=Male Even=Female)

Once you are done with your Sim creation in this area you move on to where they will live!
ALWAYS start your game in spring. Using a D20, roll for your location.
IF you roll a D20 you pick your own spot to move your Sim to. (If you roll 17-19 re roll)
(or use the on line roller and put in 16 as the sides and have a certain location from that)

1. Willow Creek
2. Brindleton Bay
3. Mt. Komorebi
4. Oasis Springs
5. Del Sol Valley
6. Henford-on-Bagley
7. NewCrest
8. Strangerville
9. Magnolia Promenade
10. Sulani
11. Windenburg
12. Glimmerbrook
13.San Myshuno
14. Britechester
15. Forgotten Hollow
16. Evergreen harbor

Once in your town location pick whatever place is within your starting budget. Lot size does not matter.
IF there is a property on the lot, roll a die again. Odd for unfurnished, even for furnished with a D6 and move in. If there is NO home on the lot proceed to the income option before building.

When you get to your property (house or not) you will now cheat for your income. Since all Sims start with 20K we will either raise or lower the income they have after they are on their property.
To get the amount we will roll to see if it is going to be 1000/10000/100000 or millions.

D4 will do this.
1 is 1000 range
D2 is 10000 range
D3 is 100000 range
D4 is millions range.

Once you get this you will roll a D 10 after this to get your range.
Example. You rolled a D4, that roll gave a D3 result so it is the 100000 range.
The you rolled a D10 and got 7 so the income is 700000. Use your testingcheats true option and
make it so your income is whatever the range said it is. Do NOT change it after this.

Once you have your income (if there is no home, build one with that income) If there is a home, edit as you wish without killing your budget.
Once this is done you now need to roll for job or college. A D6 will be used.
Even is college, Odd is a job
If your character goes to college (using a D6) you get to do odd and even for which one.
Even for Britchester and odd for Foxbury. (This can’t be done till your Sim has some skills so if you
get this option you will have to Make do till you have enough skills and money to enroll.

    YES this is the harder of the two game plays, but you can do odd jobs without getting a job. (or write/garden) for income.

NOW if you get the job option you will need to roll for what one you should have.
(If you areva teen use a D10 and whichever number it lands on this is the job you have to take till you age up.
(roll a 10 on the nose and you get to pick your own position instead)

Teen jobs


3. Fast food employee
4. High school student
5. Life guard
6. Manual Laborer
7. Retail employee
8. Drama club
9. Scout
adult jobs

Use the online roller for this to make it easier or split the jobs into 5 lots of 5 jobs.
Use a D6 and roll your first roll to choose your lot. Then a 2nd roll to choose the job.
If you get a 6 on the nose you get to pick the lot and or the job or both.


5. Civil designer

7. Criminal
9. Culinary

11. Doctor
14. Entertainer
15. Freelancer

17. Law
20. Scientist

21.Social media
22.Secret agent
23. Style influencer
24. Tech Guru
25. Writer

Once you get this done you must maintain this job till your Sims completes their aspiration OR they get fired/die If they get fired you re roll for a new job.
If they complete their aspiration you can reroll for a new one.

No matter the outcome, do the whole thing with dice rolls to see how random your Sim ends up being.
I hope you enjoy and please by all means post a video of your dice roll challenge characters.

Whole Home Aspiration Challenge.
(By Jaidemoon) Nov 10th 2021

Using MCCC up your household limit to 20-25
Create your first 8 members.
They can be related or not thats up to you.
There should be at least 6 adults 1 or 2 child(ren)/teen(s) and/or 1 animal (if wanted).
Each adult will obtain or start ONE of each of the aspirations.
IF there's a sub category you can choose which ever one you want.
You will start the game and "advertise for a roommate" chat with them make sure they do not have family/siblings etc., (so you're not stealing a random Sim from their families/homes) and cheat each new potential roomie into your family till you have 13 people in your home.
Change each of their aspirations to meet the criteria.
NOTE: STAR WARS aspiration is NOT included in this one.
Most of these can be done with the base pack, some have extra in sub catagories for other packs. See the info in the brackets.
One Sim will do Animal. (Need the Cats & Dog pack)
One Sim will do Athletic (May need Snowy Escape)
One Sim will do Creativity. (May need Get Famous/Eco Lifestyle/Nifty Knitting)
One Sim will do Family (May need Vampires/Parenthood)
One Sim will do Food
One Sim will do Fortune
One Sim will do Knowledge (May need Vampires/Jungle Adventures/Realm of Magic/University)
One Sim will do Location (May need City Living/Strangerville/Island Living/Snowy Escape)
One Sim will do Love
One Sim will do Nature (May need Outdoor Retreat/Jungle Adventure/Realm of Magic/Eco Lifestyle/Cottage Living)
One Sim will do Popularity (May need Get Together/Vampires/Get Famous)
One Sim will do Wellness (Will need Spa Day/)
You will build a house with enough beds/rooms for everyone. (Use free real estate cheat to move your sims in)
There can only be 2 bathrooms in the whole home, one should have a tub, one a shower.
They can only start with $25000 funds on hand.
EACH starter sim MUST either attend college/university or have a job related somewhat to the aspiration they are a part of. (EG Family aspiration: Babysitter)
If you start an aspiration with a teen sim they MUST attend university before getting a job!
All children born MUST go to university before getting a job.
Adults can go straight to a job without university if wanted. MAX amount of adults attending university at once in the home can not exceed 4 at any given time.
Everyone can have jobs except Teens/Children at any given time.
You can only have 1 pet in the home.
(DO NOT edit in Sims CAS once you hit over 8 Sims. You WILL lose family members if you do!)

Goal. Once you have enough Sims in your home and they all have different aspirations. Complete ALL aspirations for each Sim without cheats from here on out.
Suggestion for those trying this... BUILD a garden!! (it helps with income!)
Any questions?