This section is where you will find the answer to how to
find and use Wicked whims. THIS IS 18+ ONLY content!!

I can NOT stress enough that GOOGLE is your friend USE IT!
Wicked whims can be downloaded >>HERE

Once you get to the page to download Wicked whims you must choose which "mirror"
you wish to download from. I prefer ITCH.OI as it's faster.
Once you choose go to the VERY bottom of the next page! Your Download link will be there.

If you have Windows 64 bit then click on this link to get your download.
If not and you have a 32 bit system go to the next image to see where to get your
download for Legacy systems.

If you have a 32 bit system you MUST use the Wicked whims legacy download

The legacy page looks like this and all you do is click the big link to get your download.

Make sure you choose Desktop to save your file to make it easier to find.
The name of hte file will be located in the bottom section of the page where it says file name
Click on Save!

You should see it saved in the bottom of the page.
You can extract it from here but it's better to go to your desktop

Right click on the Zipped file and choose Extract all.
The Zip prgram will create a file folder for you!

Click OK

Click on the now unzipped folder. You will see another folder in it called Wicked whims.
Open it and copy the two files in it. This is ALL you need!

Hold CTRL on your keyboard and click on both files
Right click on the blue/highlighted parts and click on Copy

The path to follow to install your mod is the same for ALL mods!
Go to your file explorer, if you don't know where that is. Find ANY file folder and open it
to the left will be a section where you will see a list of all things on your computer
Look for documents, click it
look for Electronic Arts folder and click it to open it
You will see Sims4 folder, click it and open it.
IN this folder are all the files that make Sims run, look for MODS, click it
PASTE anywhere on the page (not in folders) to add the wicked whims mod.
NOTE: If you want to place it in a folder called wicked whims you can but you can NOT
place any other folders into that one!
*Only ONE deep* ;) HAHAHA That's what she said!* ... Sorry I couldn't resist!

Now that you have this installed, the video below will explain how to use many of the settings within the mod so you will have a better gam experience. Remember if you have questions you can always drop me a line, in facebook, or on one of my videos. Keep on Simmin!

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