This section will teach you how to download and use tray importer when you have broken custom content. Following the steps here should have you back on track in no time. I can NOT stress how much GOOGLE is your friend. If you need to find things USE it and just type what you are looking for into the search menu! PLEASE NOTE: Most of the screenshots here are smaller so they'll fit on the page. Click on an image to see it full size.

Tray importer can be found on THIS PAGE See that BIG orange button on the right. CLICK it... do NOT click anything else.

Make sure you choose your desktop to where the file will be saved! The file name is in the bottom part of the screen that pops up. CLICK SAVE!

You will see that it is done downloading when the blue ring indicator stops flashing. Now go to your desktop and find your saved file!

When you find your file, right click on it and choose EXTRACT FILES. Your computer will AUTOMATICALLY make you a file folder! You do not need to do this step.

When the next pox pops up juct click on OK that is all that needs to be done.

Once you are done you will see the new folder on your desktop (Sometimes it doesn't load right next to the folder you unzipped it from so look for it.)

Click the folder and inside the folder and you will see the files inside. Double click on it to launch the downloading of the program.

When you see the user account interface asking for permissions to make changes say YES. Otherwise it won't download to your computer.

The Set up Wizard will walk you through the whole process. Just follow the directions. Click on Next

Click on Next again

Choose all users if there is more than one person using the sims on the computer and more than one user on the computer. Click on Next

Click on Next

Click Finish

When it launches check for updates! The video below will show you how to use this program and how useful it is to help you find broken custom content in your game.