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Jan12th, 2022

March 2nd 2023

Yes... it's been OVER a year since I've posted in here but not a year since
I've been in here to add content. Sorry to those who visit and don't see a lot of praddle on my part. I perfer to make over chat. ANYWAY. It has come to my attention that there've been a few "web design" companies who've seen my web page and have decided to take it upon themselves to insult my site layout. They have call it outdated, and basically TRY and tell me my page is a template layout (meaning I took it from someone else) and is basically shitty... (I designed this site on my own, in freaking notepad and it's not a damn premade layout.)

    SO, to the companies who keep trying to call me about buying services... Telling someone their site "sucks" because you want to make a sale is a SHIT pratice to get someone to agree to your terms/service.
So ya'll can KINDLY go eff yourselves. DO NOT CALL me. Do NOT try to sell me anything I DO NOT WANT IT. If I did, I'd call someone I know personally and someone I can trust to not rip me the hell off.
ANY company who calls me trying to sell me shit will be reported to the CRTC as I am listed on the National Do not call list.

*And I know you know this is my number*...so you HAVE BEEN WARNED! OH and to the last company who called me... I did report you to the CRTC... enjoy the fine. I TOLD you NOT to call me back... You done effed up. I DON'T PLAY! >:(

Jan12th, 2022

Happy new year ya'll! Well 2021 is now behind us and the new year is here. My pages are slowly getting done and I've been working on challanges one can do in Sims. Check out the 2 I have in my Challanges pages. If you have one that hasn't been done yet and it's new for 2022 and you need a spot to post it, let me know I can set it up here and put your username (sims) so you get due credit! :) So the good for 2022 is that I will be going back to school! Yes... at nearly 50 I will be going back to get the rest of my education and to improve my computer skills. It's always been a joy forme while in school so I will love this return. :) *Except the math part of course LOL* Did any of you create a resolution? I didn't even bother because I know damn well I'd screw it up in a few days LOL.

Dec 24th, 2021

Yes, it's been that long since I've added anything to the blog part of my site. Shitty right? BUT I am here now to wish those of you who do continue to visit a Merry Christmas/Happy Holiday and many prayers that 2022 is WAY better for you and your family. GAWD knows we all could use it. right? I haven't had a chance to do ANY edits or custom color changes on items for in game play. My gaming computer has been gone for nearly 3 months. I was working for the Covid19 registerations throught the MOH in Ontario for the last 9 months so was very busy and had little to no time for myself and this site. I miss it here. I'm hoping the new year will soon allow for more freedom in working on my site and my books (I was aiming to get my 2nd one published in 2020 but Covid has screwed that too, and now I'm 2 years behind) Anyway I figured I'd drop a line in here to send of well wishes and to remind users if you know of a group in FB thats a good Sims resource and has a friendly/Non judgemental atmosphere let me know and I will add them to the links to the side. If you are a Simmer who runs a blog/a web page or a youtube channel by all means drop me a line as well and I can affiliate you with my site page links and hopefully bring you more traffic. Just hit the emvolpe on the right side of the links bar at the bottom to write to me. :) Have a great one!

May 29, 2021

So it's been nearly a year since this site has reopened. It's been chaos with Covid messing up everyones life. I lost my business, gained a grandchild and lost myself to working from home so this site got severly neglected. HOWEVER, I have AMAZING friends who came to my rescue to assit with coding issues as I leared from users that the site pages didn't adjust to their computers when they accessed the pages. I was disappointed because it meant I screwed up and needed to fix it, but with everything going on I just didn't have the time. So I enlisted a few friends and they all pitched in to help me fix up my blunder and what you see now is the improvements from all of their hard work. They all know who they are so I say thanks a million you guys are awesome and life savers. HOPEFULLY since work is slowing down *I work for the Ontario government doing bookings for the Covid vaccinations* I will be able to dedicate a few hours a day making more improvements to this site and adding recolored content. I am also activly seeking those who would like direct links to their Sims related pages, blogs, tutorials and more. Feel free to reach out to me through email or in Facebook as I am in several Sims groups and am always lending a hand to those who need it. I hope I am able to be by more often. Also note if you need remote access assistance fixing your game/system *if it's possible/meets requirements* I am avaliable most Wednesday evenings from 5 pm till 9 pm AST. Message me to get more details. Happy simming!

June 22, 2020

A new cheats code page has been added to the right side side bar. I know a few members of the several Facebook groups I'm in have had issues with some or don't remember them. Remember if you put your game into windowed mode you can always go to another page to get the info you are looking for while your game is paused! :)

The Sims 4 can be played in windowed mode or full screen mode. Windowed mode performs better on some systems, and can be activated from the in-game menu by going to the menu (the ... in the top right), going to Game Options, and then Graphics. Select Display Type: Windowed.

If your game is crashing at start-up or you are seeing a black or white screen and then you are unable to play, you may want to try starting the game in Windowed mode instead. You can do so by following these instructions:

  • In Origin, right click on the game tile and choose Game Properties
  • Add -w to the Command Line Argument field
  • Hit Apply
  • Start the game

*see image below* I hope this helps! Aj.

June 18th, 2020

Well I've been assisting people within my sims groups like crazy. I have done about 130 remote sessions to assist those who can't get thier games running or having issues with mods. because some have come back to me more than 3 times I felt it was necessary to update the site. I now have a "Hot to" section in the side bar to the left. Clicking there will bring you to a page that lists all the things people ask me. Each link has the solution so you can learn. Bookmark those sections if you want to be able to go back to it. Other links are to those who made mods that I have suggested and or content that is very useful. There will be videos, written and step by step screen shot instructions so people can learn. I hope all the tutorials help If you need me feel free to message me in Facebook or email me :)

May 2nd, 2020

Yep been going through YEARS of old art work, packages and mods. HOLY heck I have a LOT of "crap" ... no seriously, I look at it and I go ... WTF was I thinking? Some are HORRIBLE! I won't be re-releasing any of that stuff. However lots of my items I've been finding do work to some degree. Many have had to be tweeked but thats OK.

Anyway I found most of my galaxy stuff and redid a few to make them work but all in all the mats, beds and dressers are working wonderful.

The curtains were a whole other ball game that took me 7 hours to fix, BUT they work. (Well one set does) I still have to fix the stand alones. :s UGH... Anyway if you downloaded any of my stuff enjoy! Send me pics and let me see how things worked out!

It's been 20 years - April 28th, 2020

So, it's been forever since I've had a web site for any of my recolors for my Sims games. I've been playing since it was released on my birthday 20 years ago (Feb 4th, 2000) so it's a pretty close to me kinda game. I have decided to reload this web page. It's been MIA for like 10 years. Might as well share what I make. I know Facebook is a good spot and your own content but it's not always easy to find other players and since it's not an open community to do so this makes it easier.

If anyone wants to add me to their Sims4 Friends list, my user name is Jaidemoon. Feel free to drop me a line and friend me on there!

I remember playing the originals and there was little content to switch things up. I got consumed in re-creating items for several years once I got into sims 2 and 3, but lately I find that the sims 4 is more to my style and I am SO looking forward to the Sims 5 release, which from what I keep hearing through the rumor mill, may be on my birthday again in 2021! So if you like recolors but can't do them yourself or even if you have an image you want turned into a framed picture for your game. Email me! Send me the pic and tell me what color you want the frames. I'm happy to help when I am able to. (Note I do get busy and I am an author so I may be tied up with my books ;) so please be patient!)