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May 2nd, 2020

Yep been going through YEARS of old art work, packages and mods. HOLY heck I have a LOT of "crap" ... no seriously, I look at it and I go ... WTF was I thinking? Some are HORRIBLE! I won't be re-releasing any of that stuff. However lots of my items I've been finding do work to some degree. Many have had to be tweeked but thats OK.

Anyway I found most of my galaxy stuff and redid a few to make them work but all in all the mats, beds and dressers are working wonderful.

The curtains were a whole other ball game that took me 7 hours to fix, BUT they work. (Well one set does) I still have to fix the stand alones. :s UGH... Anyway if you downloaded any of my stuff enjoy! Send me pics and let me see how things worked out!

It's been 20 years - April 28th, 2020

So, it's been forever since I've had a web site for any of my recolors for my Sims games. I've been playing since it was released on my birthday 20 years ago. (Feb 4th, 2000) so it's a pretty close to me kinda game. I have decided to reload this web page. It's been MIA for like 10 years. Might as well share what I make. I know Facebook is a good spot and your own content but it's not always easy to find other players and since it's not an open community to do so this makes it easier. If anyone wants to add me to their Sims4 Friends list, my user name is Jaidemoon. Feel free to drop me a line and friend me on there!

I remember playing the originals and there was little content to switch things up. I go consumed in recreating items for several years once I got into sims 2 and 3, but lately I find that the sims 4 is more to my style and I am SO looking forward to the Sims 5 release, which from what I keep hearing through the rumor mill, may be on my birthday again in 2021! So if you like recolors but can't do them yourself or even if you have an image you want turned into a framed picture for your game. Email me! Send me the pic and tell me what color you want the frames. I'm happy to help when I am able to.

(note I do get busy and I am an author so I may be tied up with my books ;) so please be patient!) Aj

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