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July 12th, 2018

I am proud to say that I have gotten a new web space for my books. Please note that I am porting things over from my former site so the counter was stopped for the last few days. I'm also not adding my past blog postings from the last few years as of yet because it's a shit ton of ramblings and I'm not sure I want to add them all just now LOL.
On another note, it's been a year since I got my 1st book published and I am working on getting book 2 done in paper back as soon as I can afford it. My current publisher (and partner in crime) isn't able to get it done right now as our typical printing company isn't avaliable to assist him in getting them completed.
Last year I contacted a publisher and I still haven't heard from Boden Press in regards to them even wanting my book but I am still hopeful.
I was going to hire someone else to do my cover for my 2nd book but I really don't want to now and I'm itching to see if Linda Sejic will consider doing it now that her schedule isn't so hectic. Main reason is because I want the same style as what she created for all my books. Maybe I'll get lucky and she will say yes.
In closing I am going to say thanks for visiting my site. If you have comments, concerns ect. Email me. My gallery is opened to all my fans. If you have art you want to submit, a picture of you with my book or something you'd like to see added to my stories let me know I'm always happy to get feed back!

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